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Our Flip Classes & Tricking Classes are suitable for all levels of ability. Classes are split up in to groups based on experience and skill level. All classes take place on padded floor using various types of mats and foam blocks to progress to aerial movements. Tricking Classes and Flips Classes are equally appropriate for anyone looking to expand their acrobatic abilities, get inverted, spin, roll, flip, etc. Beginner students will be guided through fundamental acrobatic skills that are then built upon in the advanced groups of these classes. Read below for some differences between both classes:



A modern acrobatic art that mixes flipping, twisting, and martial arts kicks, all while promoting self exploration through movement. You will build a strong foundation in balance and flexibility with kicking drills and gymnastic skills. You will also develop special air awareness, so that you are more comfortable spinning and going inverted while airborne. Come test yourself physically and mentally, and have a blast while challenging yourself!



Front flips, back flips, side flips, and everything in between. This class also focuses on adapting these skills to flip off of bars, walls, and other structures. You will also learn softer acrobatic skills and fun progressions for some of the more difficult flips.



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