First Time at the Gym?

What should I bring?

– Save time and fill out our WAIVER before you visit! (must be 19 years or older to sign)
– Clean rubber soled shoes. Any shoes will do, but a complete rubber sole will have better grip for parkour! Help us keep our spaces safe from slipping by bringing in clean shoes that don’t leave behind unwanted dirt and dust. 
– Comfortable clothes to move and exercise in
– A refillable water bottle. Stay hydrated!


Do I have to bring a parent/guardian?

– For Classes Parents/Guardians can drop off kids and pick up outside.
– During Open Practice participants younger than 13 years old must be supervised by an adult. There are two exceptions for children under 13 years old using the parkour space unsupervised: 1) Your child has taken a Parkour Safe course. 2) Your child has passed a red band exam.


I have zero experience! Which class should I take?

– Our Parkour Classes, Flips Classes, and Tricking Classes are beginner friendly.
– Some classes noted Yellow+ are only for participants who have passed a yellow band exam.
– Classes are split up in to groups based on band level. Band exams occur monthly.



Where can I park?

– In Vancouver we have a parking lot behind the building. You can park anywhere here, except for spots that have specific signage. Please obtain a parking pass from the front desk.
– In Port Moody we have a few spots in front of the Studio.
– Street parking can also be found near both facilities.